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”Knowledge is to share”

Dr. Indunil is delighted to impart her years of experience and knowledge to all lifelong learners who have a thirst for learning. All the courses are also offered in German, Spanish and Sinhala languages.

Introduction to Ayurveda

This course provides an introduction to the ancient Ayurvedic Medicine, also referred to as the “science of life.” Anyone with an interest in ayurveda who wants to learn about its fundamental theories and who cares about their health and well-being is welcome to enroll in this course.

Course Fee: 120€

Group enrollment fee (for groups of three or more): 100€ per Person

Ayurvedic Nutrition

This course provides a thorough introduction to ayurvedic nutrition. It includes not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical exercises that are very useful to apply in everyday life. The appropriate I
diet modification for each body type and for the imbalances can be found in this course are further discussed. You’ll gain a better understanding of the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha Ayurvedic doshas, for example, and learn how to self-diagnose your body type and any imbalances it might have.

Course Fee: 250€

Group enrollment fee (for groups of three or more): 230€ per Person

Darkfield Microscopy

This course teaches you how to use a dark field microscope and covers technical issues, techniques for taking blood samples, and live blood analysis. Both professionals who are interested in expanding their knowledge and amateur learners who want to learn about the fascinating darkfield world can benefit from this course.

Course Fee: 1000€

Group enrollment fee (for groups of three or more): 980€ per Person

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